Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Cell.

Did you know that your body produces about eight million red blood cells per minute, and after one hundred and twenty days they automatically report to the spleen to be recycled? you might wonder how all of this happens with such precision? The answer is, every cell in the body is a small body itself. It has a nervous system, digestive system, excretion system and so on. Each of these cells needs direction in order to function properly. They receive it through the nervous system. This is why chiropractors are so focused on the nervous system. A spinal subluxation causes the body to loose its ability to adapt to its environment. This can directly effect the cell function in every tissue in the body. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that people who receive regular chiropractic care have serum (blood) thiol levels higher than what we see in the normal population. Serum thiols are markers of DNA repair, meaning that people under regular chiropractic care have a higher rate of cell repair. This becomes important when you consider that illness and aging are directly related to a cells ability to repair.

The Mind.

Much has been said about how the mind works. The simple fact is that while we know more than we ever have about the brain, we still know very little about the mind or how consciousness expresses itself through us. One thing we do know for sure, the nervous system is the means by which we bring thought to action. Take an itch for example. It gets scratched because first you become aware of the stimuli, then you decide what to do, and last you take action. Your nervous system is eighty percent sensory, so over two thirds of the cells in the nervous system are geared toward making you aware of what is happening around you. This says a lot about what is most important. Our awareness is critical not just to our survival but also to our growth. What you may not know is that when you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you are instantly brought to a new level of awareness. This new level is called the alpha brain wave pattern. The alpha brain wave pattern is associated with a greater degree of health, healing, and relaxation. Every single adjustment induces not just a change in the alpha pattern but also an improvement to the other three patterns (Beta, Theta and Delta) as well. Meaning you have a more relaxed and adaptable nervous system.


The Bio-Magnetic Field.

The Bio-Magnetic Field, or the ‘field’ as it is referred, has been documented in one form or another for thousands of years. Whether it was the called ‘chi’, ‘prana’, or ‘physis’, all cultures have documented its existence. Ours, in keeping with our tech heavy understanding, calls it bio-magnetic energy. While this is a mouthful, it is fairly accurate. What I want you take away from this discussion is this, there are in fact three very distinct layers to all living things. This piece, while less well understood from a scientific perspective, is quite real and may be more acceptable to you to discuss in terms of spirit. There have been many great scientists who have made incredible contributions to this topic over the years. Most notable, in my opinion, is Fritz A. Popp PhD. Popp’s work has not only confirmed the presence of this field, but has helped us to better understand the changes as it relates to our health. This understanding fits into the chiropractic model. Chiropractic is based upon the science, art, and philosophy of the human being. It has kept the door open in these "modern" times to what even now are considered "esoteric" principles. In keeping up with cutting edge concepts, chiropractic has been able to fill in the gaps that patients are sometimes left with when seeking allopathic care. As a result we are able to lead them to corrections of cause rather than the mere treatment of symptoms.

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