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Whether it’s triggered by the slightest movement, standing up quickly or even walking too fast – all of a sudden you feel like the entire world around you is spinning. Some people describe it as dizziness, others as vertigo and more as light-headedness. Regardless, it becomes hard to orient yourself. You lose your balance easily. You feel off center. You may feel nauseous. You may even pass out.


It takes many systems working harmoniously with each-other to maintain the sense of stability that everyone takes for granted. When one of those systems starts to communicate a different message or deteriorate it can create a multitude of symptoms, including those noted above. The truly remarkable thing is just how much the body can compensate for changes before it affects you. By the time you are experiencing any symptoms, your body may have struggled to control the changes for a significant period of time.


It is only when you exceed this threshold that you are truly able to appreciate how many areas of your daily life are impacted.





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