Kids & Chiropractic

Kids & Chiropractic

What many people aren’t aware of is that doctors of chiropractic take all of the same classes as doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy for the first 3 years of school. Then chiropractors specialize in specific adjusting for restoration of health while doctors of medicine focus on biochemistry for alleviation of symptoms. As a result chiropractors are quite skilled in the care of children. The question I get most often is why would I bring my child to you if they don’t have back or neck pain. The answer is simple, do you wait for your children to develop cavities or do you take them to the dentist before they develop. You see our friends, the dentists have taught you to be pro-active and because this information has been handed down it is accepted. But think about this, as bad as a cavity can be, it cannot prevent normal brain development in your child and it can not change growth patterns or alter immune function. Research has demonstrated time and again that a subluxation can. Like cavities, they can be there for quite some time before you realize it. Please have your children evaluated by a chiropractor that works with children.


Top 10 Reasons Kids See A Chiropractor

1. Earaches

2. Neck Pain

3. Checkup

4. Headaches

5. Upper Respiratory Infection

6. Low Back Pain

7. Allergies

8. Asthma

9. Enuresis (Bed Wetting)

10. Mid-Back Pain


As you can see there are a variety of symptoms associated with a subluxation that only a chiropractor is trained to detect and correct. Each of these issues has documented research to support its inclusion on this list but please understand this list is not all inclusive. There are many more reasons for children to be evaluated and for a great link to this research and more please go to www.icpa4kids.com.

Birth and Infancy

No section on chiropractic pediatrics would be complete without talking about birth and infancy. For the longest time my soap box was birth trauma and while I have become a little less fanatical about these topics I am still very passionate when I discuss them. As you read this I hope you will begin to understand why and take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy birth for yourself and your child. The US ranks very low in infant mortality and morbidity even though we spend more on health care than the total budget for some countries. This can change by taking a look at how the process of child delivery takes place. Please understand I am speaking of healthy moms capable of having a vaginal delivery. Allowing the woman to adopt a position that assists the body is essential to a safe effective delivery that puts minimal stress on the baby. This leads to less interventions and decreased risk of injury to the child. In 1969, Dr. Abram Towbin demonstrated through autopsy the link between upper neck injuries/subluxation and SIDS. The first subluxation often occurs during the birth because of the force used at times on a child’s young and still developing spinal column and nervous system. These children suffered from a variety of symptoms such as; restricted motion of the cervical spine, torticollis, cervical scoliosis, facial scoliosis, asymmetric muscle tone, retarded development of the hip joints, deformities of the feet, restless sleep, and not eating or drinking well. Please have your child evaluated and share this information with others who may not be aware of these issues.



I have three children and as a result have been directly involved in youth athletics for the past 10 years. I have seen some really great care and instruction in that time and also some of the worst. Sports injuries in the lower grade levels tend to be small bumps and bruises for the most part but occasionally they are more serious. However, even the small bumps have a cumulative effect over time and need to be taken into consideration when it comes to a child’s health. There is another side of this topic and that is performance. Numerous studies have been done at the high school and collegiate level that demonstrate that athletes under regular chiropractic care perform better. One in particular was done with fifty athletes. They were divided into two groups. One group received chiropractic adjustments, the other served as controls. After 6 weeks, the control group exhibited minor improvement in eight of the 11 tests while the chiropractic group improved significantly in all 11 tests.  After 12 weeks the chiropractic group exhibited more than 30% improvement.  As you can see chiropractic care not only helps to prevent and correct injuries but is also extremely effective at improving performance. Having worked with professional athletes, semi-pro's, international competitors and weekend athletes for injuries ranging from sprains and strains to severe concussions, they all agree that chiropractic adjustments have improved their performance as well.


Back Pack Safety

Shouldering a load is a term many people are familiar with but what they might not know is that our children are carrying far too much weight on their developing spines and that this can lead to everything from sore muscles to scoliosis. A child should have a back pack that fits them. This means a smaller pack for smaller kids.  Stay away from the roller bags for school aged children as they are too dangerous when getting on and off the bus. An easy equation for determining how much weight should actually be in their back pack is 10-15 percent of their body weight. This means a child that weighs 100 pounds should not be carrying more than 10-15 lbs in their pack. I check packs every September but you can bring your back pack in any time and I’ll be happy to look at it.

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