Subluxation Defined

Subluxation Defined

The actual definition of a subluxation is compromised neural integrity created by emotional stressors, chemical stressors, structural stressors, and life stressors. Compromised neural integrity is a mouthful I know, but what it means is that the body looses the ability to adapt. We slow down or loose cell to cell communication, and this results in maladaptive behavior. I know not a lot better, but I never dumb down information to make people feel better. I would rather you asked better questions so I can help you reach a greater understanding of how your body works. This puts you in the drivers seat and gives you the opportunity to make better decisions in the future not just for yourself but your children. So let's give it one more try. Subluxation means more often than not you turn on your sympathetic nervous system which is your fight of flight system. You remember that from high school health, right?  This state if experienced for long periods of time causes us to stay in a place of poor digestion, altered hormone production, and inability to adequately rest. Each of the these are significant on their own, but combined can wreak havoc on the health of the individual. This is also the reason chiropractic is not simply for the correction of back pain and headaches. The adjustment process impacts every system of the body which is exactly why anyone experiencing any health problem should have a Chiropractor on their health care team.

Who Should Be Evaluated By The Chiropractor

The answer is simple, really. Everyone should be evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic. The reason is, there is no part of the body that is not under the control of the nervous system. All of the organs are controlled either directly or indirectly by the nervous system. The hormonal system originates in and feeds back to the brain where new hormones are either created or their creation is directed through another organ. The immune system has most recently been defined as a floating nervous system. In fact, each adjustment causes a near 30% increase in immune function. Those receiving regular chiropractic care have been found to have an immune system functioning 200 times greater than someone of the same age and socio-economic status who is considered to be well but not receiving chiropractic care.


Common Signs of Subluxation

One of the easiest things to spot when it comes to determining whether or not someone has a healthy nervous system or not is posture. Posture is critical and that is the reason it is one of the three pillars of health. When I look at posture, a couple of things stand out. First, I look at the evenness of the shoulders and hips. A high shoulder or hip is often an indication of something going on in the muscular system or active system. Tight muscles are the direct result of a mechanical problem or a neurological problem. Remember the nervous system is the control system of the active system. Muscles can do nothing of their own accord. Next, I ask the patient to look in the mirror and to see if the ears are even side to side. While I realize no one is perfectly symmetrical, a head tilt is very obvious. Lastly, l will weigh them on bilateral scales. Bilateral scales demonstrate how symmetrical a person is when it comes to weight distribution. Uneven weight distribution means uneven skeletal structure and that means eventual arthritis. Remember 85% disease including degenerative arthritis is preventable or correctable if caught early. This is why we examine children. Ten percent of 10-year-olds have degenerative disc disease in their spines.


Effects of Subluxation

The effects of subluxation are broad and deep. They have been mentioned at various points on this site.  But the most important effect is a decrease in the bodies ability to adapt successfully. What this means to us is pain, decreased organ and immune system function as well as a slower rate of cellular repair. I generalize this as a downward spiral of health. Chronic infections, irregularity of organ function, and overall slowed healing. One of my favorite statistics comes from the American Heart Association. The first symptom of a heart attack in 47% of patients is death. What makes this such an important statistic is that it causes people to change their awareness about health and wellness. They realize that the presence of a symptom doesn’t mean that you are dying and the absence of a symptom doesn’t mean you are well. Subluxation can exist for weeks or even years before a symptom presents. Get your kids and yourself checked. Our friends, the dentists, have taught us to be proactive with our teeth. Why not be proactive with something as important as your nervous system?

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