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Who Can Benefit?

Who Can Benefit?

Chiropractic is quite simply one of the greatest healing arts of all time. You might think that a bold statement but let me give you a simple overview of the trinity that makes up chiropractic.


First Chiropractic is an art. The art portion describes the adjustment process. Far from the simple cracking of joints that is so often ascribed to chiropractic. The adjustment requires the doctor to be completely present with the patient.  It also requires touch. This is where the art comes in. The touch or palpation that precedes the adjustment is place where the doctor is gathering vast amounts of information about the needs of the person about to be adjusted. This process takes time to learn and even longer to refine. It might be likened to a doctor of chinese medicine who by “listening” to the pulse of his patient has just evaluated every major organ system in the body.

Next chiropractic is a science. Many people are surprised to learn that doctors of chiropractic or DC’s complete eight years of schooling just like DO’s and MD’s. Additionally many chiropractors complete post graduate work and specialize in radiology, neurology, sports medicine, pediatrics, and even nutrition. Chiropractic science revolves around the study of the nervous system primarily.


The reason for this is simple. The nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. If it is compromised in any way then all of the other systems in the body will be affected. One very common way for the nervous system to be compromised is by the vertebral subluxation complex, or subluxation. A subluxation can exist in any age range from newborns, as a result of the birth process, to the elderly, often due to years of accumulated physical and emotional stress.


Last chiropractic is a philosophy. This is the key component of chiropractic and unfortunately one of the least talked about aspects of this healing art. Chiropractic’s philosophy simply states that you are born with the ability to heal from any disease process known as long as you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually whole. Quite a statement, but none the less true. But don’t take my word for it, start checking out the research. It has finally started to catch up to chiropractic’s philosophy. We are miraculous creatures that, when functioning properly, know exactly what chemicals we need and make them. They are always the correct dose given at exactly the right time and there are never any side effects.


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Chiropractic care is not just for patients who have been involved in an accident or suffer from chronic neck or back pain. Chiropractic care benefits many people through all age ranges with a variety of health conditions. Not because it "fixes" these problems but because it corrects and balances the function of the system that does, the nervous system. Your nervous system is where structure meets function. And since these two concepts are completely intertwined you can't change one without changing the other. That's how regular chiropractic adjustments restore and maintain balance within your body, leaving you better prepared to live life to the fullest. To learn more about chiropractic for you and your family, explore our site, check our calendar for upcoming classes, or simply give us a call.

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