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You will always find me supporting Family First Chiropractic! I refer people here every single day and I educate people on the importance of regular adjustments.


Becoming educated on why this is so important was truly a game changer for our entire family. Dr. Marry and his staff have been an absolute blessing and put their heart into helping people. I cannot sway enough amazing things about them.


Dr. Marry was very instrumental in helping my sister get answers and her diagnosis with Hashimoto's disease. He also worked with us tirelessly to find that Xavier did not have a food allergy or gastrointestinal problem, rather he deals with anxiety and stress. He also helped me create optimum wellness for myself as a solid foundation before I was ever diagnosed with lymphoma.


To say he has saved three lives in our family is an understatement! Not only has he guided us through many health problems, he has taught us that there are so many preventative options as well. He is a blessing.


Dr. Marry is the definition of wellness. Be sure to check their website and go see him! Correct and balance the function of your nervous system. That is how you love your life to the fullest!

I worked for Dr. Marry, a Neurologically-based chiropractor for 7 years. He has opened my eyes and educated me on what it truly means to manifest ones "maximum expression of life." I remember when I first started working at FFC. I would watch him adjust newborns in total awe. I had never seen anything like it! I witnessed miracles in people of all age, but watching children come to him when their parents had exhausted all other option and seeing them heal... it filled my cup! I'm talking true healing, the kind you only seem to read about. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.
I knew from that very moment that when Dana and I had babies, we would take them to see Dr. Marry immediately to encourage a healthy nervous system and to allow them to thrive.
I know most of you will be confused as to why one would ever take a child to a chiropractor, (you're probably picturing some crazy, manual adjustment and lots of cracking, but I assure you, that's not what is happening!). I would be more than happy to educate you on the trillion reasons why you should. Eme is only 2 months old and already holds her head up herself and can roll over both ways. She's so strong! Not to mention that she sleeps great and has zero tummy issues.
All I can say is "get adjusted," especially your children. We all deserve a life of health in abundance. Chiropractic changed my life and I'm so grateful to be able to encourage a healthy lifestyle for our children from the get-go.



I initially came to Family First Chiropractic because I was experiencing pain and sickness that no traditional doctor could diagnose or properly treat. I went from barely being able to walk, to being able to run, hike, and exercise. I have experienced changes in my health and life including losing weight, improved mobility greatly, and my level of energy is increased. My outlook on life is now optimistic and hopeful. I have been able to completely stop taking naproxen, and I have reduced anxiety medication significantly. At first, I was surprised that chiropractic care is so beneficial to such a wide variety of health complaints, but only before I knew more about what chiropractic does. Dr. Marry explains things very clearly.



My love affair with chiropractic began about 35 years ago when, as a young adult, I hurt myself diving off the high-dive into a pool.  I thought I was fine after a bit (kids always think they're invincible!) but as time went on I experienced more and more discomfort in my lower back.  Conventional medicine had no answer for me, but chiropractic brought immediate relief.


I wish I could say I stopped being adventurous and getting hurt, but that's not my story!  And then there were pregnancies, and childbirth, and illnesses, and children's issues...  Chiropractic became my go-to for all of life's wonderful mishaps and for all our family's well-care as well.  When I was pregnant, and so uncomfortable in my own body, a gentle adjustment put my hips back in alignment and made walking bearable again.  When babies were born, they got their first adjustment within days to help ease the trauma of birth on their tender systems.  When someone had a cold or a fever or otherwise didn't feel right, an adjustment put their immune systems back on track.  It's like a miracle drug only it's no drugs at all!  The body is MADE to function on its own; it just needs a gentle nudge sometimes to stimulate it again.


My history has taken me to many different chiropractors.  Some were gentle, some were not.  Some followed a book, some were more intuitive.  In almost all cases we had some level of success, and I believe that's what led us finally to Family First Chiropractic.  I knew what I liked and didn't like and our care here has been like a fitted glove!  Dr. Marry is super knowledgeable about proper body function; his approach is gentle and scientific; he explains everything he does and the benefit to the body; he is always engaging and has a tremendous staff!  Beyond that, and most importantly, he is gifted.


I have raised a large family on chiropractic care and I can't imagine a more sensible, non-invasive, hands-on approach to wellness!



My family and I have been patients of Dr. Marry’s for more than ten years. We’ve always been impressed by the combination of his insights and expertise.


His recent treatment of an injury that I had however went beyond my expectations. I had a fall that resulted in multiple injuries to my foot and ankle. Months after surgery—and well beyond the time I should have been better—I was still in a lot of pain.


I went back to the surgeon. I went to a podiatrist. They could not identify the source of the pain.  Dr. Marry continued to search for an answer after the others gave up.


He continued to examine my foot each time he adjusted me. He asked for and studied my MRI and X-rays. In time he was able to identify a reason for the pain that the others had overlooked—and he came up with a custom solution. From that day on, things slowly began to get better. Within a few months I was free of pain and able to resume my regular active lifestyle.


I have always appreciated Dr. Marry’s insights and expertise. But even more, I appreciated his genuine caring and persistence. He knew that, if I said I was still in pain, there was still something wrong. And he continued to work with me until we found a solution.


This office is excellent and provides expert care. Meeting Dr. Jonas Marry and his staff has been a life saver. They provide my family so many health benefits so that we can live a healthy lifestyle.




From the first moment I walked in several years ago, I knew I was in the right place. I received a warm welcome, was treated with respect, and was called by name. The staff is kind, has a sense of humor, and always tries to accommodate the patient’s schedule. The doctor and staff are safe and caring. If you follow Dr. Marry’s advice and suggestions along with the treatment he administers, you will be a healthier and better person- I know I am.



From the moment one walks in until the end of their visit it is not only pleasurable but also personal in every way.




I initially came to Family First Chiropractic with an extreme headache with surgery approaching in two days. FFC told me about neuropathy, and they fit me in the next day.

Chiropractic has enhanced my life. My neuropathy had been getting worse for about 20 years. Dr. Marry treated that and after two visits, I felt so much better.  I have experienced so many positive changes in my health. Walking was dangerous, so I held onto my husband and friends and could not walk on uneven surfaces. Now, I can even do curbs by myself. I am really looking forward to being able to go out in our yard. Hopefully, I will be able to get off my blood pressure mediation. I feel like I have a miracle! My granddaughter said, “Look, you can bend now!”





I had come to family first Chiropractic and Dr. Jonas Marry with chronic Sciatic issues. I was told by a friend to go see Dr. Marry, being that I had seen other Chiropractors 3 days a week with temporary results, I was very hesitant in going, but with her persistence I went ( I think more to shut her up) What an absolute blessing he has been for me as well for my family. His belief has always been that there is a root cause for any physical issue, which none of the other Chiropractors NEVER made mentioned in any way.  Through his practice he has challenged and taught me a lot about myself. He has become my mentor and again feel very blessed to have Dr. Marry and his practice in our lives.




If it was not for Dr Marry and his staff I would have had to cancel my vacation. You guys gave me back my enjoyment of life.




My daughter pulled a ligament in her hip at softball. She couldn’t walk and was in extreme pain. Two days after her first adjustment she is 75% better. Amazing! Dr Marry not only helped her heal, he taught her that healing can come quickly if you allow it.





He is truly a gifted man. He is the only Doctor that I wholeheartedly trust.





Best Chiropractor. The only one who could help pain I had for 8 years. I have been pain free for 9 years now! I can't wait to move back to Pa and start going here again.





I don't know where I'd be without him and his wonderful staff.





The best place to be... to become your best you.


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