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The word innate to many means instinctual. While this is true, from a chiropractic standpoint it means a little more. We focus on the word innate because it sums up exactly how we feel about healing. It is instinctual but more than that it is inborn. You were made to heal. Let me say that again, YOU were made to heal.

How do I know this? Think about this, if you cut your leg, don’t you get a scab and ultimately new skin? Do you think healing anything else in the body is so different? Old cells get replaced by new cells all the time, in fact you get a new liver about every eight weeks. So your next question should be, “why do I still have this pain or that ache then”?

The very simple answer is because your body is not directing appropriate levels of healing energy(blood) to that area and the thing that causes this more than anything else is stress in the nervous system or a subluxation. This is why chiropractors are so focused on the nervous system, because it acts like a giant set of wires that delivers this innate electrical energy that is essential for healing to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. When you are subluxated your innate healing ability is decreased or tuned down and you tend to heal poorly or incompletely.

Think of someone with a diabetic ulcer. The side of the body that has the ulcer is also the same side that they have nerve damage on or diabetic neuropathy. Nerve damage equals incomplete healing because your nerves and nervous system direct the innate healing process. Turn it off and we get disease, but turn it on and things heal. The only catch is, most people have waited years before acting to correct the problem. In some of these cases in can take much longer and there can be limitations to how much healing can be accomplished. This is why we urge people to get their kids checked. Catch this issue in a child and we can prevent it from becoming more serious, just like tooth decay. Regular checkups can make all the difference, and think about this, if all of your teeth fell out you could get dentures but if your spine gets cavities (arthritis) it is much more difficult to correct.

~ Dr. Marry

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