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Some people are race cars and some are Hondas. Which one you choose to be is completely up to you but you must follow a specific set of rules if you plan on finishing your race well.

Let’s look at the race car first. These cars tend to be fast, intense, and powerful. We might call these people type A’s. There is nothing wrong with living this way unless you break the rule of the pit stop. Think about it, to go that fast and be that intense these high end cars require frequent pit stops and so will you if this is the lifestyle you choose. This means good clean fuel/food and water, a focused driver/adequate rest, and frequent tire changes/get adjusted regularly.

But what if you say, “I have no desire to go that fast or be that intense, I am a Honda”. I would say that’s great, but you are still going to need those same basics as the race car; however you will probably not need them as often.

What I want you to understand is this, good input is vital and necessary for everyone, but each person needs to be considered as an individual. That is why you received a thorough exam, Doctor’s Report, and report of findings (ROF), to make sure your specific needs are being addressed. There can be no cookie cutter approaches to health and wellness if you plan on becoming the Maximum Expression of Life you were intended to be.

~ Dr. Marry

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